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I just got a new puppy! My family and I are thinking of nameing him Jake the dog like from adventure time! I'll post from time to time about how he's doin. Well, ill see you on the triobe flopin the diobe.


2014-01-03 09:53:33 by pokegirl659

It"s been snowed out over where I'm living and man it's freezing. Does evreone else have no school today? I hope evrey one has fun. I'll see you on the triobe fliping the diobe. :3


2014-01-01 00:46:21 by pokegirl659

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone has a new year resolution. Mabie it doesn't mater bec be serious, who sticks to that. But im gonna try to not have alot of artificial shuger. And check out Well, I'll see you on the triobe flipping the diobe.